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GEOSCANWEST provides High-Definition Scanning with Leica lidar scanners. GEOSCANWEST produces accurate 3D point-cloud models of buildings, structures, vehicles, and objects for construction verification and forensic modeling.

GEOSCANWEST employs high-definition scanning technologies to document and record a large variety and scale of objects, structures, buildings, and topographies – literally from a small exquisitely detailed sculpture to a large geo-referenced landscape.

In commercial construction, high-definition scanning has been found to be very effective in the documentation of structures such as oil and chemical refineries, highways, bridges, and other complex structures because it produces accurate “as-built” measured drawings in very little time when compared to traditional methods.

Upon scanning, the point cloud can be used directly to visualize the subject and to accurately access measurements. In addition, GEOSCANWEST can process the point cloud data through various software applications to create a variety of deliverables such as CAD measured drawings, contour maps, 3D models, and ‘fly through' animations.

HDS technologies have revolutionized the world of surveying, replacing the measuring of one point at a time with the measuring of thousands of points per second, decreasing the time to survey and increasing the accuracy and reliability of the information. The technology has matured to a point where it is now becoming accepted as best practice in engineering firms worldwide. For these facts, HDS technologies are ideal for the recording and archiving a variety of assets.


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