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Below are answers to frequently asked questions about GEOSCANWEST, 3D High-Definition Scanning, and High-Definition Surveying Services.


What is High-Definition Scanning?

High-definition scanning technologies are the latest development in survey documentation and recording. HDS technologies employ laser beams (lidar) that scan a subject, creating a cloud of accurately measured points. This raw set of data is known as a point cloud and typically contains millions of points that are accurate to within millimeters of themselves. Each point has an x, y and z value and is relative to each and every point within the point clouds.

The point cloud can be viewed immediately upon scanning, providing valuable visualization of the data as a 3D image. By wrapping and mapping the points, an accurate 3-D model can be created and delivered to the client. Various software applications can create a wide variety of deliverables such as CAD measured drawings, topographic maps, 3-D models, and "fly-through" animations.


Can my project benefit from high-definition scanning?

Depending on the Scope of Work, a typical scanning crew will deploy to the jobsite and set up the scanner in a position that benefits both the project and the individuals conducting the scans. In the case of a highway right-of-way scan, there typically is no need for lane closure or traffic control because the scanner is positioned in such a manner that it and the personnel are out of the way of traffic and pedestrians.



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